Ruud Hermans is a composer and sound designer based in Haarlem (the Netherlands), near Amsterdam. He has written music for a number of shortfilms and feature films, and is composing and producing music for commercials, corporate movies, libraries and documentaries.

As a composer he has worked on short films such as
The man who would not grow up (2014), Grimm (2016),
Fuk It (2017)
and Bijltjesdag (Day of Reckoning) 2017.
Ruud has composed music for several feature films such as Lotgenoten (Fellow-sufferers) 2012,  Estafette d’Amour (2013), Arjuna (2015), Label me (2017/2018).

The horror shortfilm The Summoning(2019) has been selected at San Diego International Filmfestival 2019 and the sequal The Friend(2019) has been picked up by Crypt tv with more then 200.000 views.

He was nominated best original score  at the monthly Oniros Film awards, October 2017 and awarded for Best Original Score  at Best Independents International Film Festival Berlin 2017 for Bijltjesdag (Day of Reckoning 2017). Ruud received an award for best Sound design at the 48 hours Film festival 2019 Nijmegen for God Glitch(2019)

As a guitarist and composer, Ruud has played in many bands composing songs and performing ‘live’ all over Holland.
Participating in the Entertainment Experience that was set up by Paul Verhoeven, he won Best Music for Part 8  of  The User Generated Movie.  Subsequently, he started composing music for shortfilms, featured films and other kinds media as well.

Ruud has composed and produced music for different brands such as Spa (webcommercial), Australian (soundlogo) and the Nierpatiënten Vereniging Nederland’ (promo).

Throughout his musical career, sharing his thoughts on music and sound as well as collaborating and connecting people have always been his way of working on projects. ‘Together we are able to create something beautiful that we never could have made on our own.’

Telling the story of a movie through his music is what Ruud stands for. Music should always enhance the footage so if it does not add up, leave it out. With a deep love for scoring movies and producing themes and tunes, he will continue to compose his music for new and challenging projects that will cross his path.